Why ScoreOurBiz ?

Find out what customers really think of your business.

With all of the ratings and review websites out there, it can be hard to get a good feel for your customer satisfaction levels – right here, right now. ScoreOurBiz lets your customers say it to you first – with a fast and easy online survey.

Here’s what you get when you sign up with ScoreOurBiz:

  • An easy survey we've created, designed to give you a quick look at what your customers really think of your business.
  • Log in daily, weekly, or monthly to evaluate your current survey results and get an immediate pulse on your business.
  • Easy-to-understand data – and you can evaluate it in multiple ways!
    • View reports by month, day, or company location.
    • Organize customer satisfaction by percentage – "excellent" to "needs improvement"
  • Offer immediate customer incentives, including coupons, gifts, etc.
  • Get an overall picture of your customer base and encourage repeat business.

ScoreOurBiz is designed to allow the customer to give you direct feedback right away. This is the fast and easy for you to stay connected with the most important part of your business: your level of customer satisfaction today.

It’s easy to sign up! Here’s what you do:

1) Sign up online. It takes less than three minutes.

2) Determine a “reward” for your customers’ feedback. It can be a coupon for a free meal or service – whatever will encourage your customers to share their experience. They can download it directly from the site.

3) Once you’re registered, your customers can find you on ScoreOurBiz. In fact, you may already be “scored,” in which case, you will have data to examine right away.

4) Publicize your membership anyway you like.